Work & Witness Trip July 5-13, 2016:
This summer 16 adults and 2 children partnered with Kamiah Valley View Church of the Nazarene in Kamiah, Idaho to help the Robinett family rebuild their home that was completely destroyed by the wildfires in northern Idaho.

Church and District teams began to arrive in early June. Our team was the fourth team to spend a week or more working on this project. Because of the generous giving to missions by Hillcrest we sent along $10,000 to help pay for the cost of materials and we also gave each member of the Robinett family their own $200 gift card to Walmart.

They lost everything they owned in the wildfires. You can track the progress of the project by going to the Kamiah Valley View Church of the Nazarene Facebook page.

Team members:

  • Pastor Tim & Jan Westerberg
  • Ron & Linda Wagar
  • Jim & Paulinda Doing
  • Beth Kaler
  • Marcus & Michelle Mahler (Kids: Tatum & Kohen)
  • Jack & Joyce Martinson
  • Dale DeField
  • Brian Taylor
  • Doug & Elaine Phillips
  • John Phillips

Robinett family slide 2