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“Steering Clear of Spiritual Shipwreck”


In this passage of scripture Paul shares the reality of his past and the good news of his present because of God’s mercy, grace and love. He reminds Timothy of what it takes to avoid spiritual shipwreck in his own life and gives two examples of men who didn’t and what the consequences were. Scripture […]

“The Danger of Strange Doctrine”


This sermon looks at Paul’s strong call to watch out for false teaching and false teachers. It considers the profile of a false teacher and examines some of the components of false teaching in today’s church. Scripture – I Timothy 1:1-11

“Overcoming Temptation With Scripture”


Temptation is attractive—otherwise it wouldn’t be tempting. And it’s dangerous because it’s attractive. Temptation is not sin, but yielding to it is. To overcome temptation we need to pick up the only piece of spiritual armor that is intended to be used offensively. This sermon ask and answers 3 questions about “the sword of the […]

“Overcoming Falsehood With Truth”


According to the Bible, truth begins and ends with God. Contrast that with a culture that tells us there is no such thing as “the” truth so we need to be tolerant of all “other” truths. This sermon looks at 3 ways we can overcome falsehood with truth. Scripture – selected