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“Living Outside Our Comfort Zone”


This sermon asks the listener two questions: What defines you comfort zone? What might God be calling you to do? Using Nehemiah’s story we see some lessons on how God works to push, prod and challenge us to live outside of our carefully orchestrated comfort zones. Scripture – Nehemiah 11

“What Matters to God”


Nehemiah 7 is a bridge chapter, wedged between the rebuilding and restoration of the wall and gates around Jerusalem (CH. 1-6) and the restoration of God’s people (CH. 8-13). This sermon answers the question: What Matters Most to God? Scripture – Nehemiah 7

“Rise Up And Build”


This sermon contrasts building physical walls for defense with building spiritual walls of defense. It reminds the listener that there are three crucial components in any physical wall and spiritual wall of defense. Scripture – Nehemiah 3

Father’s Day “Prayer, Power, and Purpose”


Without a doubt prayer is how the apostle Paul cared for others. Likewise, prayer is how we care for DADS every day throughout the year… not just on Father’s Day. Prayer is how we connect our father on earth with our Father in heaven. In these two verses in Thessalonians Paul give us three ways […]

“Personal Ministry”


In the stories of the feeding of the 5,000 and Peter walking on the water we learn that a growing faith involves doing what we know to do as we step and serve others or meet a need and trusting God to do what He does so well also. Scripture – Matthew 14:13-32

“Providential Relationships”


This sermon looks at the reality that God uses human relationships to impact and grow our faith in Him. Not only can relationships grow our faith but they can also undermine our faith as well. How do we handle this reality? Scripture – Proverbs 13:20 & I Corinthians 15:33

“The People God Uses”

In Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi he tells the story of Epaphroditus, a faithful servant of God and friend to Paul. As he writes he gives several characteristics of the person God is able to use to further His kingdom plans. These characteristics also describe another man (my son-in-law) Dustin. As this sermon […]

“God Can Use Anybody”


Many people secretly fear and believe that God could never use them because of their past. Using the apostle Paul’s story this sermon offers some secrets to be used by God no matter what’s in your past. Scripture – 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

“Courage to Follow Your Calling”


As Christ-followers we all have a calling–a life mission that is specific and unique to our life. Using the stories of Caleb and Timothy we can discover some “Must Do’s” in order to fulfill our calling. Scripture: Numbers 13-14 and 1 Timothy 4-6