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“A Reason to Celebrate”


Celebration is what Nehemiah 12 is all about as the people come together to celebrate what God has done through them in completing the wall and gate rebuilding process in 52 days. This sermon builds on the theme of celebration by looking at the foundational values that have guided Hillcrest Church over the past 100 […]

“Hitting A Wall”


When God’s people do God’s work they can expect to be met with opposition. This sermon looks at the tactics Satan uses to tear down what God is trying to build up in us as Christ-followers. It also looks at the two weapons we must use to defeat Satan’s tactics. Scripture – Nehemiah 4

“Rise Up And Build”


This sermon contrasts building physical walls for defense with building spiritual walls of defense. It reminds the listener that there are three crucial components in any physical wall and spiritual wall of defense. Scripture – Nehemiah 3

“Providential Relationships”


This sermon looks at the reality that God uses human relationships to impact and grow our faith in Him. Not only can relationships grow our faith but they can also undermine our faith as well. How do we handle this reality? Scripture – Proverbs 13:20 & I Corinthians 15:33

“180 Degree Difference”


John the Baptist was called to a “turnaround ministry.” A ministry that would turn the hearts of His people back to God and the hearts of the fathers back to their children. Through 3 simple reminders this sermon looks at how earthly fathers can be turnaround Dads with their children as well. Scripture – Luke […]