Sermons by Lynelle Aarhus

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“Plain As Day”


Are you looking for some light in this current darkness? I think we all are. You’re invited to join us this Sunday for worship and a message of hope and encouragement from 1 John 1:1-7.

Mother’s Day “Dear Mom, You Got This.”


Dear moms, we hope you’ll be encouraged by this message about love and connection. Lynelle shares three stories to demonstrate how a relationship with God can help you fulfill your mission and calling as a mother. God’s love is our goal! And prayer is the vehicle God uses to increase our capacity for love, partner […]

“Overcoming Offense”


As disciples of Jesus Christ, we’re in the process of exchanging the thoughts, character and habits of our old self (the self crucified with Christ) with the thoughts, character and habits of our new Child-of-God self. It is in this purifying process that we overcome. Each week we’ve been learning about this ongoing exchange. We’ve […]

“The Overcomers’ Reward


This message gives a broad overview of Heaven. We look at what happens when we die; the present or intermediate Heaven; the return of Christ and the resurrection of our bodies; and the new heavens and new Earth that is our final destination. It’s a flyby over a huge topic! The truth about Heaven is […]

“Ten Said No, Two Said Go”


There is still a promised land for the children of God. In this message we look at the examples of Caleb and Joshua who said, “Yes!” to God and took possession of all that He had promised them. Number 13

“The Bird’s Nest”


Discover and become the person you were created to be by becoming intimate with God the Father. A close relationship with Christ reveals your true child-of-God-self and provides you with everything you need for life. Youth leader, Lynelle Aarhus paints a picture of what intimacy with God looks like and how it can change us.