Sermons by Deb Weisen

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“Lay Witness Mission: EXPECT”


In preparation for our Lay Witness Mission, we will be praying for miracles. What on earth does that mean . . . what should we expect . . . and how should we pray? Psalm 5 is a great way to look at the importance of expecting, believing and waiting for God to Move!

“A Mother’s Dilemma of Faith”


Hannah has a very real problem. Sometimes it’s easy to think that the heroes in the Bible were somehow different than we are. Actually, the Bible is filled with real people with real problems who face them with real FAITH. Hannah’s brave story is one of those examples. 1 Samuel 1:1-19

“The Story of Easter: Tradition”


Traditions are attitudes, beliefs, principles and behaviors derived from the past that shape the present. They are handed down from generation to generation. Traditions can be a good thing. Today, let’s discover why tradition for the sake of tradition is NOT a good thing. We will also look at how tradition can lead to worshiping […]

“Bridge Builder?”


We’ve been given the Ministry of Reconciliation. Jesus built the bridge between us and God the Father. “What bridge do I need to cross?“ “Where do I need to be a bridge builder? II Corinthians 5:17-21

“What Not to Wear”


Paul writes to the Colossians reminding them that their old ways need to be killed off. It’s like taking off a set of filthy, ill-fitting clothes and throwing them in the fire. However, they must be replaced with custom-made clothes designed by the Creator, with his label on them. Learn how to wear the wardrobe […]