Dear Timothy

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“A Profile of Christian Maturity”


The apostle Paul’s words in this chapter are not just for overseers and deacons within the church…they are for ALL Christ-followers. They are a profile that ALL believers should aspire to live out thru the power and enablement of the Holy Spirit at work in us. Scripture – I Timothy 3

“How to Influence Government”


As Paul writes to Timothy at the beginning of chapter 2 he lays out a way to influence government God’s way. This sermon offers suggestions as to what that looks like in our present reality and culture. Scripture – I Timothy 2:1-7

“Steering Clear of Spiritual Shipwreck”


In this passage of scripture Paul shares the reality of his past and the good news of his present because of God’s mercy, grace and love. He reminds Timothy of what it takes to avoid spiritual shipwreck in his own life and gives two examples of men who didn’t and what the consequences were. Scripture […]

“The Danger of Strange Doctrine”


This sermon looks at Paul’s strong call to watch out for false teaching and false teachers. It considers the profile of a false teacher and examines some of the components of false teaching in today’s church. Scripture – I Timothy 1:1-11