Sermons from August 2020

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“Drawing a Line in the Sand”


In this sermon we see God’s people making a commitment or vow to the Lord. As they read God’s Word, God’s Word reads them. In response, the people made four very critical commitments to God that they intended to honor for the rest of their lives. Commitments we should consider as well. Scripture – Nehemiah […]

“Plain As Day”


Are you looking for some light in this current darkness? I think we all are. You’re invited to join us this Sunday for worship and a message of hope and encouragement from 1 John 1:1-7.

“Fuel for Worship”


This chapter in Nehemiah’s story reveals what kindles the embers in our heart toward worship so that it is set ablaze with white hot passion for the living God. This sermon is built around the following definition of worship: Worship is my response, both private and public, to who God is and what God has […]

“The Great Awakening”


In this part of Nehemiah’s story the Israelites come face to face with their need for a great spiritual awakening. We learn that God’s Word is one of the keys to restoration, renewal and revival personally and within a nation of people. Scripture – Nehemiah 8

“What Matters to God”


Nehemiah 7 is a bridge chapter, wedged between the rebuilding and restoration of the wall and gates around Jerusalem (CH. 1-6) and the restoration of God’s people (CH. 8-13). This sermon answers the question: What Matters Most to God? Scripture – Nehemiah 7