Sermons from May 2020

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“A Vision That Transforms”


A fresh heavenly vision is essential if we are going to consistently live out God’s full plan and purpose for our life as individuals and as His Church in our community.  Using Paul’s story in Acts 26 this sermon identifies several lessons Paul learned as a fresh Holy Spirit vision took root in his life.  […]

“The Truth About Honesty”


There is a incredible freedom that comes from living honest lives.  This sermon looks at the problem with dishonesty and its results.  It then offers some steps necessary to live a honest life. Scripture – Matthew 28:1-15  

“It’s Never Too Late to Start Over”


Summary – One of life’s certainties is that everyone will experience failure—life is not an unbroken chain of success after success. This sermon looks at how God wants turn failure into freedom and a fresh start by asking and answering two questions: What causes failure in life? AND How do you start over—how do you […]

Mother’s Day “Dear Mom, You Got This.”


Dear moms, we hope you’ll be encouraged by this message about love and connection. Lynelle shares three stories to demonstrate how a relationship with God can help you fulfill your mission and calling as a mother. God’s love is our goal! And prayer is the vehicle God uses to increase our capacity for love, partner […]

“Learning to Trust God”


Summary – In Matthew’s gospel we read…”According to your faith it will be done unto you.” When it comes to trusting God and growing our faith in His faithfulness we need to cast away doubt. Whether we like it or not, one of the ways deal with our doubt and stretch and grow our faith […]