Sermons from February 2020

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“Overcoming Offense”


As disciples of Jesus Christ, we’re in the process of exchanging the thoughts, character and habits of our old self (the self crucified with Christ) with the thoughts, character and habits of our new Child-of-God self. It is in this purifying process that we overcome. Each week we’ve been learning about this ongoing exchange. We’ve […]

“Overcoming Anxiety With Peace”


Anxiety is one of the defining symptoms of our day and time. With the reality how do we as Christ-followers find and experience the peace God desires for our lives? The Bible teaches that there are two kinds of peace: peace with God and peace of God. Using Paul’s words this sermon offers a positive, […]

“Overcoming Evil With Good”


When it comes to living out our Christian faith there are two kinds of evil that make that challenging: the evil within us and the evil around us. This sermon looks at how we overcome evil with good through our faith in Christ and our behavior toward others. Scripture – Romans 12:17-21

“Overcoming Falsehood With Truth”


According to the Bible, truth begins and ends with God. Contrast that with a culture that tells us there is no such thing as “the” truth so we need to be tolerant of all “other” truths. This sermon looks at 3 ways we can overcome falsehood with truth. Scripture – selected