Sermons from September 2019

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This Sunday’s service is dedicated to the mission to share the Gospel and how the Church of the Nazarene is accomplishing this. Enjoy as Stephen Phillips shares from his personal experience.

“The Forgiveness App”


The bottom line for all Christ-followers concerning forgiveness should be this: Forgiven people forgive. Forgiveness works better than holding grudges. When we forgive we release the grip of the grudge and allow God’s Spirit to help us overcome evil with good. This sermon looks at 4 steps that help us apply what Paul teaches in […]

“Application is Everything”


The devil is not worried about how much of God’s truth we know…but he’s terrified of how much of God’s truth we apply. This message challenges every Christ-follower to not merely listen to God’s word and so be deceived. But rather to look intently into God’s truth, apply it and experience the freedom that application […]

“Joy-Filled Living”


In this sermon we look at the apostle Paul’s clear teaching about the liabilities of his PAST and the possibilities of his FUTURE. This leads to a conclusion about the responsibilities of Paul’s PRESENT. They include 3 takeaways to apply to our PRESENT as we walk into our FUTURE. Scripture – Philippians 3:1-14