Sermons from April 2019

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“Break of Day” Easter Celebration


Harry Houdini may have been the greatest escape artist known to man but there was an even greater escape that took place on Easter morning. This sermon looks at three escapes in the resurrection story. It also considers what the two disciples who entered the empty tomb came to believe when they discovered Jesus’ grave […]

“First Light” Palm Sunday


In this sermon on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem we find 3 important glimpses of King Jesus and what His coming to earth was all about. We can respond to these glimpses in three different ways. Scripture – John 12:12-19

“How God’s Goodness Restores Me”


The psalmist tells us that the Lord Jesus desires to restore our soul. Our soul can be described as our mind, our will and our emotions…the part of us that thinks, chooses and feels. If our soul needs restoration than what damages it. This sermon looks at 3 of the primary ways our soul is […]