Sermons from March 2019

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“Relaxing in God’s Goodness”


This message looks at importance of rest.  The psalmist tells us that God considers rest and refreshment as important as work.  With that truth in mind this message asks and answers two questions:  Why do people overwork and not get enough rest?  How do I relax in God’s goodness? Scripture – Psalm 23:1-2… selected scripture

“Letting God Meet Your Needs, Part 2”


In the Sermon of the Mount Jesus gives us several reasons why worry is worthless.  This sermon considers those reasons and then gives some practical suggestions on how we trust Jesus to meet our needs instead of worrying. Scripture – Psalm 23:1 and Matthew 6:25-34

“Letting God Meet Your Needs”


This brief sermon reminds the listener that there are 3 foundational truths concerning God’s goodness that we should base our life on. The stories from missionary to Salinas Grande, Nicaragua Dustin Herring powerfully illustrate these truths. Scripture – Psalm 23:1

“Is God Really Good All the Time?”


Many things cause us to lose sight or even question the goodness of God…this sermon launches a series on God’s goodness. When we forget that God is good…when we lose our focus on God’s goodness it often leads to several destructive realities in our life. This sermon looks at some of those realities and gives […]

“Pivotal Circumstances, Part 3”


There is an undeniable relationship between big, bad, difficult circumstances and our faith. And that relationship is not accidental…it is intentional. This familiar story teaches us that God can leverage the worst for the best…to make our faith stronger and more mature…if we let Him. This sermon concludes with one question and two answers…the question: […]