Sermons from October 2018

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“Praying in Five Dimensions”


God is a multidimensional God… We see it creation… We see it in Jesus’ incarnation… We see in how the Holy Spirit moves. With this reality in mind this sermon looks at 5 dimensions of our life that should guide us as we pray. Scripture – selected

“Praying For Healing and Restoration”


God made a promise to King Solomon in the Old Testament that is also a promise for us today. The promise, intended for God’s people, has four conditions that if embraced will result in 3 powerful results. Scripture – II Chronicles 7:14

“A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer”


Everyone is wired to pray. At the same time we all feel a little inadequate when we pray. This sermon looks at some common myths about prayer and then considers 4 foundational truths that can help us as we pray. Scripture – Luke 11:1