Sermons from April 2018

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“When The Heat Is On”


This sermon looks at some of the similarities between the challenges Daniel faced and we face today. It also answers the questions: What should I do when the heat is on in my life? And how does God deliver and save us when we are in the fiery furnace? Scripture – Daniel 3

“The Story of Easter: Trials”


This sermon looks at the narrative surrounding Judas, the religious leaders and Peter the night before Jesus’ death. There are 4 clear moments [a betrayal – an arrest – a denial – a return] that reveal the truth about Jesus and the truth about the crowd gathered. Each member of the crowd faced temptation in […]

“The Story of Easter: Throne”

Though Christ’s life, death, resurrection, and ascension Father God was executing a game winning plan. A plan no else, including the devil, even knew about–a plan that enables us to know the outcome of our life. In this resurrection sermon Mark gives us a command to follow and a confidence to hold on to. Scripture […]