Sermons from December 2017

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When defining moments arrive in our life we often don’t realize what hangs in the balance [ramifications and significance]. This sermon looks at decision-making and a question we all must ask/answer correctly if we want to make the right decision…the God-honoring decision. Scripture – Jeremiah 17:9

“The Story of Joy”


This sermon looks at what causes our joy to evaporate and what enables us to sustain our joy to the point that is exceeding and great and complete. Scripture – Matthew 2:1-12

“The Story of Love”


There are two powerful “love stories” woven into this passage in Matthew. This sermon looks at those love stories and two characteristics found in them. It concludes with how we can put into practice our love for others and for God. Scripture – Matthew 1:18-25

“The Story of Promise”


From Genesis to Revelation God we learn that God is a God of promise. What promise? “I will graciously redeem mankind and gloriously reign forever.” What does this mean for us at advent season? God is faithful and can be trusted…by virtue of His very nature and character God is a “promise maker” and a […]