Sermons from September 2017

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“Conflict of Interest”


The story of the rich young ruler is our focus. Jesus’ words to the young man in response to his inquiry about eternal life reveal a gigantic spiritual truth: Jesus wants 3 things from every one of his children. He wants our love… our loyalty… and our “followship.” Scripture – Mark 10:17-22

“Good Isn’t Good Enough”


This message examines the story of Nicodemus and his conversation with Jesus one night. The blinding truth Jesus shares with Nicodemus is this: I have good news and bad news and it’s the same news…good people don’t go to heaven—you must be born-again! Scripture – John 3:1-16

“Letting Go”


In everyone’s life there are moments when God brings His truth front and center. In those moments we have a choice to make, will we embrace that truth and allow it to become the lens through which we view life going forward or do we purposefully push it aside because it messes up our perfectly […]

“When The Odds Are Against You”


In the Old Testament book of II Chronicles we find a story that can teach us some principles for dealing with overwhelming odds in our life. King Jehoshaphat’s example models for us that difficult times need not intimidate us but can serve as a motivator to pray more, trust God more, and depend more fully […]