Sermons from November 2016

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“Mary’s Song…the Magnificant”


Mary’s song is a song of overflowing joy filled with unbridled praise and thanksgiving that God would choose her to be a part of His kingdom plan. This sermon reminds us of how we too, like Mary, can have God use the song of our life to further His kingdom here on earth.

Luke 1:46-55

“Big Opportunities”


God has placed every believer in a harvest field filled with BIG OPPORTUNITIES. And He wants us to take full advantage of each one of them as we leverage our influence in the lives of people for their good and for His glory.

Acts 28

“Passing the Baton”


In Joshua’s final exhortation to the Israelite nation, he gives us a theme that is both full of great hope and one that contains a strong warning. He give the nation four essentials to concentrate on so they are ready to take the baton and possess their land. His instructions, encouragement and warnings are very clear and relevant for the church today.

Joshua 23

“Influence” (Part Two)


Summary – Building on the part one sermon this message calls every Christ-follower to allow God’s Spirit to mature the fruit of the Spirit in them so that they can make an eternal difference in shaping and re-shaping the culture. All the while keeping their focus on this simple statement: As THE CHURCH—we are not just stewards of eternal life in heaven…we’re also stewards of a better life here on earth!

Galatians 5:16-26