Sermons from January 2016

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“Shock: When Your World Falls Apart”


This sermon looks at the first of 5 stages we all can experience when tragedy comes our way and provides biblical insight how to help a friend in shock, how to survive our own tragedy and how to improve our shock resistance.

“Simply Obey”


Practical obedience makes a practical difference. This sermon uses Jesus’ parable about the wise and foolish homebuilders to remind everyone that partial obedience is still disobedience…that the right foundation makes all the difference.

Matthew 7:24-29

“Simply Believe”


Believing that Jesus is God’s Son and our Savior is the natural result of following Him. This sermon looks at Paul’s letter to the Christ-followers in Rome that righteousness (a right standing with God) comes through faith in Christ Jesus—not the law.

Romans 3:21-26

“Simply Follow”


Jesus offers a simple invitation to every person—follow Me. This sermon looks at the invitation Jesus offered Matthew the tax collector.

Matthew 9:9-13

“Choosing Your Future”


Using the summary of Moses’ life in Hebrews this sermon examines four life-shaping choices he made that helped determine his destiny. Resolutions that can transform any life at the beginning of a new year.

Hebrews 11:23-27