Invite your friends and neighbors to join us for fellowship and dessert at a concert with special guests The Burchfield Brothers. Tickets are $5, or $7 at the door. Click here to purchase tickets now with your credit or debit card.

Jon and Ben Burchfield make music that inspires the soul. Classical guitar, midi-marimba, Irish whistles and recorders make these two artists sound like an entire ensemble! The stylistic diversity of Appalachian, Classical, Jazz, Renaissance, Praise, Worship and Gospel has attributed to the stunning arrangements that have put this Dove-nominated duo in demand.

Their concerts are a combination of music, storytelling and comedy as each plays off the other in a way that’s entertaining and captivating. An evening with The Burchfields (two brothers who mingle their music for audience enjoyment) can be described as Reaching the Ages. Prime timers love the music they recognize while young people are inspired by the arrangements and intrigued with the instrumentation.