Hillcrest Partners With America Prays

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with America Prays! America Prays is a movement of believers, churches, businesses and ministries covering America in 24/7 prayer. The vision is to unite and equip 40,000 churches in 24/7 prayer for a national spiritual awakening. America Prays is a multiethnic, interdenominational, multigenerational, Jesus-centered prayer movement.

Hillcrest has committed to 24 hours of prayer on the second Sunday of each month beginning September 13 and continuing through December. You can sign up for a thirty or sixty minutes to pray on October 11 HERE . You will receive a reminder by email and prayer directives.

We believe that the great spiritual awakening America so desperately needs will only come as a result of prayer. Let’s stand together and help cover every city and state in America in 24/7 prayer. Will you join us in prayer for our community?

Learn more about America Prays HERE (americaprays.org)

Cindy Taylor
Hillcrest Coordinator for America Prays