The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a leadership event for Junior High and High School students, on March 9. This year we are heading to Mountain View Church in Tumwater for a full day of worship, work, and fun! The cost is $20.

Hillcrest Student Ministries

We are a group of middle school and high school students who are becoming true followers of Jesus Christ. Apprentices of love, truth, and grace! You’ll be welcomed and accepted when you come and visit. You’ll make friends, have some fun, and probably be challenged by what you see and hear. Most of all, you’ll have the opportunity to become the person Christ was dreaming of when He thought you were worth dying for. For more information: Email Lynelle Aarhus

Activities and Events

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The Kindness Project

Are you ready to make a difference in your community? Hillcrest students have launched a new program that will give you the opportunity to serve your neighbors. The Kindness Project essentially produces small teams of students and adults to complete specific mission tasks around our city. These teams are assembled for one service project and then released. Students can serve on several teams and complete multiple kindness projects. Here’s how it works:

Sign up to be on a Kindness Project by emailing your name and phone number to You’ll be put on a list and then contacted as new projects come up. Say yes to the teams and projects that fit your schedule!

Design and lead your own Kindness Project! With the help of the Holy Spirit, start looking for opportunities to show kindness to those around you. Email your idea to Our Kindness Project leaders will help you figure out the details. Recruit one adult and one student to serve on your team. The Kindness Project leaders will assemble the rest of your team from our waiting list of students.

This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other. John 13:35 The Message

ANCHOR: Hillcrest Middle Schoolers

We meet Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm. ANCHOR is for students in grades 6-8. Anchor is a special group of middle school students who are genuine, enthusiastic, and fun! What you see is what you get! They are committed to each other and to becoming the men and women God created them to be. You’ll be welcomed and embraced by this group of young people when you visit. They meet every Wednesday in the youth room for games, activities, snacks, God-talks and small groups. Get ready to belong!

LIGHTHOUSE: Hillcrest High Schoolers

We meet Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm. LIGHTHOUSE is for students in grades 9-12. Lighthouse is a group of high school students who are becoming true followers of Jesus Christ. They are the wild ones! Focused on becoming their true child-of-God-selves. This group will rock your world with their authentic kindness. They meet every Wednesday in the senior high room for games, Bible study and student-led small groups. Get ready to relax, have fun, and make some real friends.