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“From Overwhelmed to Overflowing”


To move from an overwhelmed life to an overflowing life we need to understand the two fundamental approaches to life. This sermon looks at those approaches, defines an overflowing life and considers four habits that if practiced every day will help us experience an overflowing life. Scripture – Psalm 23:5

“Living An Anointed Life”


To understand what it means to live an anointed life we need to realize that we are created by God and for God. To accomplish what God has planned for us—we need His anointing—we need His supernatural power, insight, energy, presence and favor on our life. This sermon looks at several facts about God’s anointing. […]

“Sheep Care”


This sermon looks at how Jesus… our Good Shepherd… cares for us using the rod (that guards/protects) and the staff [that guides/directs]. It also gives 3 practical examples of what Jesus’ care for us looks like. Scripture – Psalm 23:1-4

Father’s Day “Prayer, Power, and Purpose”


Without a doubt prayer is how the apostle Paul cared for others. Likewise, prayer is how we care for DADS every day throughout the year… not just on Father’s Day. Prayer is how we connect our father on earth with our Father in heaven. In these two verses in Thessalonians Paul give us three ways […]

“Ten Said No, Two Said Go”


There is still a promised land for the children of God. In this message we look at the examples of Caleb and Joshua who said, “Yes!” to God and took possession of all that He had promised them. Number 13

“The God of My Valleys”


God is God, not just of our mountaintop experiences—but the God of our valleys as well. This sermon looks at what we know about life’s valleys, what kind of valleys to expect and what to remember when we’re in life’s valleys. Psalm 23:1-4