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“When You’re Pressured to Conform”


This sermon looks at the second test Daniel faced in Babylonia. In this sermon Daniel models for us what to do when you’re pressured to conform to something you know isn’t right. Daniel’s story reveals several character qualities God looks for in us and how to make a case to authority. Scripture – Daniel 1:8-19



When defining moments arrive in our life we often don’t realize what hangs in the balance [ramifications and significance]. This sermon looks at decision-making and a question we all must ask/answer correctly if we want to make the right decision…the God-honoring decision. Scripture – Jeremiah 17:9

“Going Out In Style”


As Samson’s hair slowly grows back…slowly his heart returns to God. This sermon examines how God redeemed Samson’s sin for his kingdom purposes…the destruction of the Philistine leaders.

Judges 16:21-31

“Finishing Well”


This sermon looks at 4 obstacles Gideon had to overcome in order to finish what God had called him to do as Israel’s judge against the Midianites.

Judges 8:1-23

“Bad to Worse Threats to the Family”

There is an enemy [a threat] to our family reality whose goal is to undo everything God stands for. Peter gives us a three-fold prescription to overcoming Satan’s attacks on God’s great plan for the family.

I Peter 5:5-9