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“Pentecost: Holy Spirit Help!”


This sermon reminds the listener of what Pentecost is about and the Holy Spirit’s desire to sanctify every believer. That sanctification crisis/process is examined in three areas: Our worship… our walk… our witness. Scripture – Acts 1-2 and Colossians 4:2-6



This sermon reminds us all of how Jesus views thirsty people. The choices we make in life can leave us very thirsty for something more. And when we try to quench that thirst with relationships, life experience, and accumulating stuff or money it doesn’t quench our thirst… it compounds it. Only a relationship with our […]

“A Roadmap For Change”


Life is all about being on a journey. If we know Jesus as Savior that journey will include change as God’s Spirit shapes us into the image of God’s Son. This process has two parts: God’s part and our part. This sermon considers how we cooperate with God’s transforming process. Scripture – selected

“Sanctification: Transformed By Trouble”


When we become Christ-followers God’s strong desire/plan for us is that we become like His Son Jesus. This sermon explores how God uses trouble to transform/sanctify us and how we let that process have its perfect way in us and through us. II Corinthians 4:8-18

“The Housekeeping Choice”


The freedom that Christ desires for his followers is a by-product of honesty and transparency. Using the story of Lazarus this sermon examines how God gives us a pure heart that longs to fulfill His purposes, His will and His plan for us as Christ-followers.

Matthew 5:8

“The Commitment Choice”


God’s definition of meekness is strength under God’s control. This sermon calls every believer to consciously choose to commit all their life and will to Christ’s care and control.

Matthew 5:5