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“Private Disciplines”


This sermon looks at the private disciplines of prayer and giving… disciplines that when practiced result in God’s reward in our lives. Scripture – Matthew 6:1-6

“Lay Witness Mission: EXPECT”


In preparation for our Lay Witness Mission, we will be praying for miracles. What on earth does that mean . . . what should we expect . . . and how should we pray? Psalm 5 is a great way to look at the importance of expecting, believing and waiting for God to Move!

“When God Says No, Part 1”


The reality of all of your lives is that God doesn’t say YES to every prayer we pray. What is God up to when that happens? He’s wanting to know if we will truly trust Him or not? This sermon give three reasons [out of 1,000’s] why God says NO from my personal experience. Be […]

“Praying in Five Dimensions”


God is a multidimensional God… We see it creation… We see it in Jesus’ incarnation… We see in how the Holy Spirit moves. With this reality in mind this sermon looks at 5 dimensions of our life that should guide us as we pray. Scripture – selected

“Praying For Healing and Restoration”


God made a promise to King Solomon in the Old Testament that is also a promise for us today. The promise, intended for God’s people, has four conditions that if embraced will result in 3 powerful results. Scripture – II Chronicles 7:14

“A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer”


Everyone is wired to pray. At the same time we all feel a little inadequate when we pray. This sermon looks at some common myths about prayer and then considers 4 foundational truths that can help us as we pray. Scripture – Luke 11:1

“Praying in a Crisis”


As Daniel humbles himself before God and prays for God to forgive His people and help them go back to their land his prayer gives us some valuable steps as we pray in the midst of a crisis. Scripture – Daniel 9

“Big Prayers”


The way we pray is an indicator of where our heart is. In Acts 4 Peter/John proclaim a two-part prayer that should be prayed in every local church weekly.

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