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“The Story of Joy”


This sermon looks at what causes our joy to evaporate and what enables us to sustain our joy to the point that is exceeding and great and complete. Scripture – Matthew 2:1-12

“Joyful Living”


As we journey thru life one of the things we discover is that we all have a deep need for significant amounts of joy. Life without joy is overwhelming, life without joy becomes a burden, life without joy is a recipe for despair and discouragement. Using Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi this sermon […]

“Mary’s Song…the Magnificant”


Mary’s song is a song of overflowing joy filled with unbridled praise and thanksgiving that God would choose her to be a part of His kingdom plan. This sermon reminds us of how we too, like Mary, can have God use the song of our life to further His kingdom here on earth.

Luke 1:46-55