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“God’s Mercy And My Failures: Part 2”


Using the story of Peter’s failure…his denial of knowing Jesus… and some of events in Peter’s life following the resurrection this two part sermon answers three questions: What causes our personal failure? What should we do when we fail? What does God do with our failures? Scripture – Selected scripture

“Life’s Seasons”


Using Solomon’s well-known words about the seasons of life. this sermon looks at facts about life’s seasons and questions to ask in those seasons.

“Shock: When Your World Falls Apart”


This sermon looks at the first of 5 stages we all can experience when tragedy comes our way and provides biblical insight how to help a friend in shock, how to survive our own tragedy and how to improve our shock resistance.

“Hope In the Midst of Failure”


This sermon examines what the book of Judges as a whole and what chapters 1-2 specifically reveal and can teach us about this 300-400 year period of time between Joshua and Samuel in the history of the children of Israel.

Judges 1-2