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“A Mother’s Courage”


Of all the skill’s mothers display perhaps the most important and significant virtue is…courage. Using the story of Moses birth we see how his mother Jochebed displayed courage in 3 critical ways. Scripture – Exodus 2:1-10

“The Test of Time”


When God interrupts our life like He interrupted Joseph’s life we have a choice: Do I walk by faith or do I walk away? Joseph chose to walk by faith. From Joseph’s example this sermon looks at several things we can do when God allows an interruption in our life. Scripture – Matthew 1:18-25

“The Flipside of Revenge”

Matthew 5:38-48
In these verses Jesus teaches us about the source of revenge and gives us examples of what may cause us to respond with vengeance. He then describes how a grace-filled response comes from the fact that grace is what God offers each of us.
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