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“180 Degree Difference”


John the Baptist was called to a “turnaround ministry.” A ministry that would turn the hearts of His people back to God and the hearts of the fathers back to their children. Through 3 simple reminders this sermon looks at how earthly fathers can be turnaround Dads with their children as well. Scripture – Luke […]

“Good to Great Singleness”


Our culture and even the church often tells those who are single that it’s just a “stage of life”…implying that they are not yet whole or complete apart from marriage. The apostle Paul teaches otherwise in I Corinthians 7.

I Corinthians 7:25-35

“Good to Great Marriages”


Gods great plan for the family was that marriage would complete his creative plan/purpose for mankind.  The sermon also considers 4 takeaways from the Genesis 2 account. Genesis 2:18-25

“God’s Great Plan for the Family”


The Genesis account of the first family teaches us that God’s plan of the family is to mirror God and His purposes for creation as well as being a living testimony of WHO God is and WHAT God wants the family to do.

Genesis 1:26-31