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“The People God Uses”

In Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi he tells the story of Epaphroditus, a faithful servant of God and friend to Paul. As he writes he gives several characteristics of the person God is able to use to further His kingdom plans. These characteristics also describe another man (my son-in-law) Dustin. As this sermon […]

“180 Degree Difference”


John the Baptist was called to a “turnaround ministry.” A ministry that would turn the hearts of His people back to God and the hearts of the fathers back to their children. Through 3 simple reminders this sermon looks at how earthly fathers can be turnaround Dads with their children as well. Scripture – Luke […]

“When God Tests You With Success, Part 2”


Success can ruin a person as easily as suffering or difficulty. Using the story of King Nebuchadnezzar this sermon builds on the previous week and answers two more questions: What are the steps to recovery…after you’ve failed? AND What are the truths about God that stabilize my life when I’m experiencing success or suffering? Scripture: […]

“When God Tests You With Success”


Success can ruin a person as easily as suffering or difficulty. Using the story of King Nebuchadnezzar this sermon answers the question, “What Gets People Into Trouble When They Are Succeeding In Life?” Scripture – Daniel 4

“Pentecost: Holy Spirit Help!”


This sermon reminds the listener of what Pentecost is about and the Holy Spirit’s desire to sanctify every believer. That sanctification crisis/process is examined in three areas: Our worship… our walk… our witness. Scripture – Acts 1-2 and Colossians 4:2-6

“When the Heat is On, Part 2”


This sermon builds on the first and answers the questions: What Happens When I Trust God in the Furnace? What does God promise to do when I exercise faith and put my trust in Him and Him alone? Scripture – Daniel 3

“When The Heat Is On”


This sermon looks at some of the similarities between the challenges Daniel faced and we face today. It also answers the questions: What should I do when the heat is on in my life? And how does God deliver and save us when we are in the fiery furnace? Scripture – Daniel 3

“The Story of Easter: Trials”


This sermon looks at the narrative surrounding Judas, the religious leaders and Peter the night before Jesus’ death. There are 4 clear moments [a betrayal – an arrest – a denial – a return] that reveal the truth about Jesus and the truth about the crowd gathered. Each member of the crowd faced temptation in […]