Sermons by Deb Weisen

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“What Not to Wear”


Paul writes to the Colossians reminding them that their old ways need to be killed off. It’s like taking off a set of filthy, ill-fitting clothes and throwing them in the fire. However, they must be replaced with custom-made clothes designed by the Creator, with his label on them. Learn how to wear the wardrobe […]

“A Night In The Garden”


The Garden of Gethsemane story helps us realize that Jesus’ humanity allowed him to relate to us in a very intimate and personal way. Scripture – Mark 14:32-42

“How We Wait”


You can have HOPE in the face of adversity, in the midst of trying days and even regardless of circumstances. The good news is that as surely as Jesus Christ came the first time, he is coming again! That means, it does matter, “HOW WE WAIT!” We will discuss waiting with Hope, Anticipation, Preparation, Perseverance and end with a huge Yoo-Hoo!

II Peter 3

“Passing the Baton”


In Joshua’s final exhortation to the Israelite nation, he gives us a theme that is both full of great hope and one that contains a strong warning. He give the nation four essentials to concentrate on so they are ready to take the baton and possess their land. His instructions, encouragement and warnings are very clear and relevant for the church today.

Joshua 23