The Story of Easter

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“The Story of Easter: Trials”


This sermon looks at the narrative surrounding Judas, the religious leaders and Peter the night before Jesus’ death. There are 4 clear moments [a betrayal – an arrest – a denial – a return] that reveal the truth about Jesus and the truth about the crowd gathered. Each member of the crowd faced temptation in […]

“The Story of Easter: Throne”

Though Christ’s life, death, resurrection, and ascension Father God was executing a game winning plan. A plan no else, including the devil, even knew about–a plan that enables us to know the outcome of our life. In this resurrection sermon Mark gives us a command to follow and a confidence to hold on to. Scripture […]

“The Story of Easter: Tear”


This sermon looks at three supernatural events that took place as Jesus was on the cross. The final event…the tearing of the temple curtain into the Most Holy place…makes the born-again Christian experience we know as Christ-followers today possible. This extraordinary event demands an extraordinary response. Two suggestions are offered. Scripture – Mark 15:33-41

“The Story of Easter: Tradition”


Traditions are attitudes, beliefs, principles and behaviors derived from the past that shape the present. They are handed down from generation to generation. Traditions can be a good thing. Today, let’s discover why tradition for the sake of tradition is NOT a good thing. We will also look at how tradition can lead to worshiping […]

“The Story of Easter: Tree”


Many people wonder, “How could a loving God send good people to Hell?” The answer is found in understanding and coming to grips with the reality of sin and who we sin against. The Good News of the Easter story is what Jesus accomplished by His death on the TREE. He not only took our […]

“The Story of Easter: Trade”


Without a doubt the greatest trade in human history was the trade Jesus made when traded His innocence, His sinless life for our guilty sin-filled life. Intentionally, providing a way for our sin to be removed by His sacrifice and death. Scripture – Mark 15:1-15