The Journey

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“When The Odds Are Against You”


In the Old Testament book of II Chronicles we find a story that can teach us some principles for dealing with overwhelming odds in our life. King Jehoshaphat’s example models for us that difficult times need not intimidate us but can serve as a motivator to pray more, trust God more, and depend more fully […]

“Learning To Trust God”


God often uses the needs and circumstances of our life to stretch our faith and our ability to trust Him. The Bible refers to these faith-stretching realities as trials or tests. This sermon looks at four trials or tests we all face and answers a key question about each of them. Selected Scriptures.

“The Path to Personal Peace”


The path to personal peace is the result of three important decisions or choices. Three simple words describe these choices: acceptance, trust, and surrender. This sermon uses selected passages to flesh-out what those three words look like in everyday life. Selected scripture

“Joyful Living”


As we journey thru life one of the things we discover is that we all have a deep need for significant amounts of joy. Life without joy is overwhelming, life without joy becomes a burden, life without joy is a recipe for despair and discouragement. Using Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi this sermon […]

“Wonder-Working Power”


Most Christ-followers don’t question God’s power. They know God is powerful. What they question is this: Is God’s power available to me? And if so, how do I access and release God’s power into my life? This sermon provides some answers to those questions. Selected Scriptures

“A Roadmap For Change”


Life is all about being on a journey. If we know Jesus as Savior that journey will include change as God’s Spirit shapes us into the image of God’s Son. This process has two parts: God’s part and our part. This sermon considers how we cooperate with God’s transforming process. Scripture – selected