The Journey

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“The Path to Personal Peace”


The path to personal peace is the result of three important decisions or choices. Three simple words describe these choices: acceptance, trust, and surrender. This sermon uses selected passages to flesh-out what those three words look like in everyday life. Selected scripture

“Joyful Living”


As we journey thru life one of the things we discover is that we all have a deep need for significant amounts of joy. Life without joy is overwhelming, life without joy becomes a burden, life without joy is a recipe for despair and discouragement. Using Paul’s letter to the Christians in Philippi this sermon […]

“Wonder-Working Power”


Most Christ-followers don’t question God’s power. They know God is powerful. What they question is this: Is God’s power available to me? And if so, how do I access and release God’s power into my life? This sermon provides some answers to those questions. Selected Scriptures

“A Roadmap For Change”


Life is all about being on a journey. If we know Jesus as Savior that journey will include change as God’s Spirit shapes us into the image of God’s Son. This process has two parts: God’s part and our part. This sermon considers how we cooperate with God’s transforming process. Scripture – selected