Kid’s Club Child Sponsorship: Salinas Grande, Nicaragua

GOAL: $3,000

Sponsor a child for $35 per month!

Over 60 children currently receive private tutoring, computer classes and a healthy meal every week. Only 17 children are currently sponsored. Sponsoring one child for a year total’s $420 [$35 a month X 12). Throughout the month of November we want to raise enough money through this offering to sponsor 7 children for a year. If anyone wants to sponsor a child personally or as a family there are also sponsor cards available with a picture and personal information of the child being sponsored.

Sponsorship includes:

  • school uniform
  • backpack with school supplies
  • weekly tutoring
  • monthly supply refresh
  • healthy meals
  • field trips
  • computer lab access
  • health & wellness classes
  • a fully restored bike on their birthday to help them get to Kid’s Club!

To sponsor a child, contact Pastor Tim or Click Here and donate different amounts directly through their website by selecting Tribu Sponsorship.